Current Projects

Western Arianism: Politics and Religious Culture in the Early Medieval West studies the nature and role of Arianism in the post-Roman Barbarian kingdoms of western Europe. Throughout its existence in western Europe, Arianism was condemned as a heresy by the main stream Catholic orthodoxy. Nevertheless, the Barbarians were reluctant to abandon the doctrine. Could it be that Arianism was more than a mere religious issue? The working hypothesis of this study is that apart from offering a different interpretation to the nature of Christ, Arianism had a complicated and multi-layered social, cultural and political function in the Barbarian kingdoms of the early Middle Ages. Furthermore, it appears that Arianism meant different things to different people, and that our tendency to approach Arianism as a coherent Christian doctrine distorts a much more delicate and nuanced reality. 

Forbidden Knowledge: The Politics of Unorthodox Wisdom and its Dissemination in the Early Medieval West focuses on the transmission and reception of unorthodox texts and knowledge in the early medieval West. By looking at various categories of literary work, their composition and dissemination, this project offer a new perspective on the function and role of unorthodox texts and knowledge in the formation and evolution of early medieval thought and letters. It will also clarify the importance and significance of such texts to the understanding of the cultural as well as the social and political history of the post-Roman world.

Liturgiae Gallicanae: the manuscript evidence aims at reassessing the liturgical developments and transformation that took place in late antique and early medieval Gaul through a re-examination of the manuscript evidence that survives. This re-assessment of the manuscripts reveals how profoundly dynamic and creative was the liturgical scene of early medieval Francia, and how any attempt at classifying the Gallican liturgy as a mere derivative of the Roman rite is a flawed simplification of a much more complex and nuanced reality. 

Gossip and Rumours in Early Medieval Gaul

Lucifer of Cagliari and the Luciferians: A story of Violent Protests and Fake News amidst the "Arian Controversy"

Odo of Cluny's Vita Gregorii Turonensis: edition, introduction and commentary