Dimitri Tarat (2004-2007) – The Conversion of Scandinavia according to Adam of Bremen.

Yaniv Fox (2005-2008) – Desiderius of Vienne, Martyr and Activist: The Cultural and Political Background of the Vitae Desiderii.

Eran Shlomi (2009-1012) – Renauld of Chatillon and the Last Days of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem [co-supervised with Iris Shagrir].

Tamar Rotmann (2009-2012) – The Two Lives of Agathonica.

Eynat Berliner (2009-2013) – Gregory the Great’s Correspondence with Women.

Lia Sternizki (2010-2012) – The Way to Heaven, Hell, and Back: The Sources, Messages and Aims of the so-called Visio Rotcharii.

Omer Glickman (2013-2016) – The ‘other’ in Ostrogothic Italy.

Amos Bronner (2018-2020) – Justice and Consensus in Ninth-Century Bavaria.

Shahar Orlinsky (2017-2020) – Human Trafficking in the Early Medieval West.

Oz Tamir (since 2019) Jerome's Commentary on Genesis [co-supervised with Maren Niehoff].

Anna Akselevich (since 2020) – The Northern Missionaries



Margo Stroumsa-Uzan (2003-2007) – Women’s Prayer: Gender and Devotion in Books of Hours from Northern France c. 1300 [co-supervised with Katrin Kogman-Appel].

Yaniv Fox (2008-2012) – Columbanian Monasticism and Frankish Aristocracy: Power and Religion in Merovingian Gaul.

Tamar Rotman (2013-2018) – The Migration of Saints Cults from the East to Merovingian Francia.

Dimitri Tarat (since 2014) – Hagiography in the History Books of Adam of Bremen.

Mor Hajbi (since 2019) – Social identity in Late-Antique North Africa.

Shachar Orlinski (since 2020) – Human Trafficking and Slave Trade in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages.



Iris Shagrir (2005-2007) – Kreitman Fellow.

Ilya Dines (2011-2013) – Kreitman Fellow.

Phillip Wynn (2013-2015) – Fulbright Fellow.